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                Hangzhou CIEC Group Co., Ltd
                Hangzhou CIEC Group Co., Ltd was founded in October 1997 with a registered capital of RMB 3.39 billion. It is a state-owned holding company affiliated to Hangzhou Industrial Investment Group. Over 20 years, our company focused on international and domestic (China) commodity trading and industrial services through various products and business models, based on solid commercial network construction. Driven by industry research, we are committed to the business pattern of "One Entity-Commodity Trading, Two Wings-Supply Chain Service and Industry Related Investment".

                In 2020, CIEC achieved a sales volume of 53.09 million tons and a sales revenue of 146.25 billion RMB. For the last six years, CIEC remained on top two places on the List of Top 100 Steel Trading Companies by Mysteel. We are also listed in ‘Double-Hundred Action’ by SASAC and Zhejiang Government ‘Phoenix Project’, as well as nominated as the Pioneer and Leading Company in integration of domestic and international trade by the provincial government.

                At present, CIEC owns branches over 28 cities in China, and 15 countries and regions overseas, with a business network covering 52 countries and regions worldwide, trading in steel, rubber and other commodities. As a global company with world-recognized business reputation, the CIEC Group is marching forward to be the world’s leading supplier of commodity and industry service.

                Hangzhou CIEC International Co., Ltd.

                Worldwide Marketing Network

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